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Cookies – Main Info

What “cookies” are? Cookies are text files which contains information sent to the browser and stored on the computer, phone or other devices of the user, every time that we visit a website. For every connection the cookies resend the information to the reference site.

Cookies can be permanent, meaning that they stay on the device until the user deletes them, or temporary because they are deleted automatically at the closure of the browser.

First Party Cookies/Third Party Cookies

the difference consists in that the first party cookies are set directly from the site that you have visited, while the third party cookies are generated from a different site from what you’re standing on, maybe by a plugin or by particulars widgets.

Cookies On Our Site

Autonomous Cookies Management

To limit, block or delete cookies you need to click on your web browser settings, considering that the steps change slightly based on which tool you are going to use. For detailed instructions, below you’ll find a list of links for the most used browsers so you can recover the various procedures or take the necessary information.

in case in the list your browser is not present, with a simple research on google, for example writing cookie privacy (browser name) you’ll find easily a help.

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