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“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.” – Steve Jobs

Developing a mobile APP or a Software is not something straight forward. It always implies an all-inclusive expertise.

Requirements: Every time a new APP or a new Software is envisioned, it is always only about its core features. But you can be sure that the final result will be so different from the original draft. This is why is critical to pay a proper attention to the requirements, and the real key is to have someone able to forecast the final scenario. We can do this for you, at PVP.

Design and Prototype: Disregarding if it is an APP or a Software, what is critical for a customer is to touch as soon as possible what is looking for. A design phase is for sure a precondition for a smooth development, but it is much profitable if it includes also a very primordial prototype. Why? Because too often it happens that a customer realizes that what is looking for is completeley different from what he asked for. And because if this happens at the end of the development, starting from scratch implies sound extra costs: we would like to avoid this.

Phil Nickinson



User involment: As said before, we truly believe that involving the end user is a key factor to achieve the final result with no roadblocks. Once we reach what we use to call the “20% left phase”, we involve the end user to experience an advanced APP/Software version. This will grants us the possibility to finetune the developments before the final release, in order to publish the first “open” version already cleaned from every misbehaviour or malfunction.

Post release: We know how it works. We released your new APP/Software. You released it to your own users/customers. You are happy. But you will discover, after a few, that you’ll need additional features, or a change to something in place. But now that the APP/Software is released you need speedness and quality at their maximum level. We don’t want to bottleneck you with a new negotiation from scratch for every new need you should have.

Depending from your needs, we start the planning including the new changes/enchancements you should request, reserving for them a dedicated resource for you. Because we know how critical is to fix things while running.

It doesn’t matters if you are a new small company or a big one: we’ll find a proper post-release package that will fit your needs.

Training Material: We are pretty sure you felt into several one-thousand useless user guides.

Our expertise into user experience makes us deeply aware of what a non-proficient end user is expecting to find into an “help” button.

And especially we know what he doesn’t want to find.

For this reason we tailor a dedicated three level user support protocol: a succint user guide (always included in every APP project), a precise walkthrough on the main features and, for the most demanding customers, a videoconference support center with a dedicated resource to take care of teaching your users/customers while you are spending your time in something more valuable for you.

J. Zeldman



APP + Software: We can develop your APP. We can develop your Software. But we can also develop your Software and its corresponding mobile APP to access it remotely. This is not just a sum of things: it is more an intelligent crossover between them, since you have cannot design them in a stand-alone approach hoping that they will smoothly interacts. We are aware that in this case what is really key is that what you find on your Software is perfectly reflected on your APP. And this requires an early stage design integration.

Bring us your imagination: You don’t own a company and you don’t “need” an APP or a Software, but you probably just had a stunning idea about a new product to develop. Let us know. Share with us your point of view, explain us what you would like to do and our experts will review it. We will take everything seriously, and if we find your idea amazing, we’ll develop it in a shared ownership model!

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